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About the organisation

Sharing dreams-Peru is a Peruvian not-for-profit civil organisation that has been legally registered since 2009. The organisation is involved i... Read more

Job Description

"Sharing dreams project " needs volunteers for our project for volunteering with children. These children come from migrants families of areas that have been declared, by the main organisations of international development, to be in a situation of extreme poverty and need (Junin, Huancavelica, Ayacucho and Central Rainforest). We work directly with communities of the Central Andes of Peru, where the neglect and need is great.

There is virtually no presence of volunteering or state organisations providing these children with assistance, emotional, caring, educational or material support. Come and participate in this wonderful cause, by helping to improve self-esteem that has been destroyed and by assisting with education. Many of the children come from dysfunctional migrant Quechua families that suffer from neglect and domestic violence that is caused by their difficult situation and economic, social and cultural marginalisation.

We are a legal Non-profit organization who is working continuously and with great enthusiasm since its legal formation in 2009 that focuses on participation and operating a flat organisational structure. We promote self-management within communities, as a means of organisation and development. Come and participate as a volunteer on this project, built with our own hands and with the ambition of undertaking transparent, genuine and direct (without intermediaries) social work with the communities.


Our organization needs an economic contribution, this helps us to keep our work and projects alive, we work with our own projects and resources and invest the money directly obtained in the purchase of materials, rentals, construction, pay for various services, tickets and Visit to towns and families etc. We do not work with third-party infrastructure, it's a real investment. That is why we can not offer "everything for free", which would be fictitious . A serious and real organization has many expenses, and we are happy to really invest this contribution.

Amount of contribution:

** discounts from the second month, exemption of the contribution for people who want a greater commitment of collaboration (coordinators, partners, former volunteers or friends)

** The organization offers as retribution:

-Accommodation in a spacious and comfortable room

- spacious, comfortable and equipped house, unlimited wifi

Basic work materials

- continuous advice by a team with real motivation and experience in the social field

- exchange courses without / very low cost in: meals, pastry, cocktails and others.

-Excursions group to interesting places at the weekends.

-information of interesting places and trips in Peru

- learn and improve your level of Spanish in a practical and direct

-absibility to be an integral part of our organization (including legally speaking)

- information about Andean-Inca history, culture and folklore, theoretical and completely experiential.

- (optional) to experience the Andean energies and rituals of the first hand (munay-ki, tantra, yoga and Andean reiki, cosmovision Inca, medicinal plants, Andean holistic and others)

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