About the organisation

Hello we are Riverside Youth a new youth project along the River Thames and we are just starting our journey and our clubs.

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Job Description

We are setting up a new charity in response to the high levels of loneliness and we want to be the sunshine in peoples lives to help them break isolation and give them the support and networks to build positive friendships and relationships.

We are the #SunshineCharity aiming to help vulnerable people break isolation and feeling lonely by providing support, services and age appropriate mentors.

The charity is being set up due to the founders experiences with a lack of support and care for his sister who is disabled and doesnt recieve any mentoring or friendships with people her own age or into the same things as she is.

As the CHief Execuitve Officer you should have a genuine interest in the leadership of a charitable organisation in addition to the cause of helping vulnerable people and helping to break isolation and loneliness. Being a small organisation, you must be willing to do what is required to ensure the stability and basic services of the organisation.

• To provide the day to day management of a small charity.
• Willingness to support in every aspect of the management and administration.
• Willingness to take the lead on projects or areas of need within the charity as appropriate.
• Creating, reviewing and implementing documents, such as policies, strategies, work plans, press releases, promotional materials, etc.
• To provide supervision and leadership to fellow volunteer team members at the charity.
• Represent and act as an ambassador for the charity.
• Managing volunteers and resolving resourcing issues and challenges.

This role is what you make of it, and comes with potential exciting future opportunities to enhance and develop your experience and your skills in a small charity.

We are looking for people from a wide range of backgrounds to support us in this role to set up the Sunshine Charity and make it a successful organisation for vulerable people across London and surrounding areas.

As the Sunshine Charity will be working with vulnerable people, it is necessary to carry out Disclosure and Barring Checks. (DBS/criminal records check) to an enhanced level.

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