Ware, Hertfordshire



TEP Trustee

Job Description

The Talk Education Partnership (TEP) is looking to expand its Board of Trustees and welcomes applications from individuals with relevant backgrounds in the charity sector and/or the fields of education, law, accountancy and overseas development.

Established in 2016, TEP is a small UK charity working with local actors to improve standards of primary education in eastern Uganda. In particular, we are working to support the development of free continued professional development training for Ugandan primary educators with the aim of updating and improving practice in the classroom and helping educators build local networks for sharing effective pedagogies. We are also working to support the development of key infrastructure in education, such as classrooms and school water systems.

We are a small organisation, comprised of a handful of committed trustees and volunteers. We are searching in the London / Hertfordshire area for proactive, creative and enterprising new trustees with an interest in developing our charity. We are in particular looking for individuals who can provide legal and financial direction, raise our organisation's public profile, increase and diversify our income, and build strategies to sustain, monitor and enhance the impacts of our activities.