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The Transforming Autism Project is a brand-new charity focusing on very early intervention for children with autism with a view to making transformative life-long changes that would not be possible later. We challenge the traditional understanding of autism and propose an inspiring, hopeful and truly empowering perspective. 

Trustee roles:

First and foremost, you will believe in the huge potential within each autistic child, and will deeply resonate with our mission, our values and our particular understanding of and approach to autism. You will feel inspired by these and invested in them, and motivated to bring into your life a passion and inner commitment to help realise them, and thereby to act as a natural ambassador for the charity in the wider community.

As a brand new charity still finding its feet, you will have the chance to be far more influential in how we grow and develop than would be possible in a larger, more established charity. It is an exciting opportunity to help shape a new project.

This situation also means that your involvement in the charity will also be much greater than would be the case in an established charity. This is not the sort of role where a Trustee occasionally turns up for a meeting, takes a few actions and then puts it to the side until the next time. Our vision is for our Board of Trustees each to be fully integrated and invested in the charity and actively dedicated to its success, seen internally and externally as a charity leader, who can knowlegeably represent and discuss the current state of the charity and its activities. Each will also be invested and involved in various areas of the charity through Focus Groups, which they will lead along with members of the Charity's Executive (a concept we took from discussions with the National Autistic Society about how they integrate their Trustees and Executive).

You are likely to have extensive personal experience of at least one (ideally both) of the charity sector and autism. A large relevant personal network and an ability and motivation to fundraise would be very extremely beneficial. This will be part of the role of all Trustees, but the highest priority Trustee roles we are currently looking for are a Chair and a Fundraising Leader.

You will also be dedicated to consistently cultivating positive and mutually affirming relationships with the charity Executive - based on trust, openness, transparency, true partnership and consistent mutual support and positive regard, and in line with our charity values. You will take joint ownership of ensuring the success of such relationships.

To apply for this role, please send a CV along with a cover letter highlighting why you would like to join us, and any connection to autism you may have

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Posted on: 02 August 2019
Closed date: 31 October 2019
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