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Trustee Role Description


The purpose of Trustees is to help lead and manage our organisation and help it to achieve its goals. Our Trustees share their time, energy, skills and passion to help our members to preserve their rights as workers in the UK, and support their physical and mental health.


Duties and responsibilities

The trustees have the ultimate responsibility for running a charity, for its finances and  

the employment of any staff or volunteers.  


The main duties of this Trustee position are summarised below.




  • Ensure that VODW pursues its objects as defined in the constitution.

  • Approve the organisation’s mission statement and review the organisation’s performance in achieving it.

  • Annually assess the changing environment and approve the organisation’s one-year plan.

  • Ensure the board develops a long-term financial strategy for the organisation with objectives which can be monitored.

  • Review and approve the organisation’s three year financial goals.

  • Annually review and approve the organisation’s budget  

  • Approve major policies.



  • Appoint, advise, support and reward the Coordinator of the organisation.  

  • Regularly discuss with the Coordinator matters that are of concern to him/her.

  • Work in partnership with other Trustees, staff, and members to help them align activities with the aims of the organisation; and to encourage a positive relationship between the board of Trustees, staff, volunteers and members.

  • Ensure that the organisational strength and staffing is equal to the requirements of the long-term goals.

  • Approve appropriate salaries, terms and conditions of service for all staff.

  • Annually approve the performance of the Board of Trustees and take steps (including composition, organisation and responsibilities) to improve its performance.




  • Provide strategic oversight of the organisation, and acts as a sounding board for staff and other Trustees to reflect on how to achieve the aims of VODW.

  • Review the results achieved by the organisation in relation to aims and objectives set out in the strategy.

  • Assess whether the financial structure of the organisation is adequate for its current needs and its long range strategy.

  • Provide advice, comments and praise in terms of new ideas and work.  Approve major decisions made by the organisation, such as investment in new projects.

  • Promote and provide links to other organisations working in this area, and to funders who may be able to support the work of VODW.

  • Ensure the financial affairs of the organisation are conducted within legal requirements, accounting conventions and good practice.




  • Ensure that the Board is adequately and currently informed – through reports and other methods – of the condition of the organisation and its operations.

  • Ensure that published reports adequately reflect the nature of the services and the financial condition of the organisation.

  • Make sure that the organisation has established appropriate policies to define and identify conflicts of interest throughout the organisation and is administering and enforcing those policies.

  • Review the compliance with relevant laws affecting the organisation.


Person Specification


Our Trustees must have:


  • A commitment to VODW and its objectives.

  • Integrity.

  • An understanding of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of being a Trustee.

  • Willingness to devote time and effort to the role.

  • Willingness to work together with the other Trustees, staff and members.

  • Creativity and passion.

  • Willingness to speak their mind.

  • An understanding of working in a micro-sized organisation.


They also needs skills and experience in the following areas:


  • Good communication skills

  • At least three years professional experience (non MDW) in their field.

  • Technical skills linked to leading and running an organisation (management, communications, planning, financial oversight, campaign development).

  • Financial expertise, with a recognised accounting qualification and the ability to review and probe financial statements, reports and balance sheet information.

  • An ability to communicate financial information to those who may have little or no financial background.

  • Coaching and mentoring: our aim is that we support our members to share responsibility for the strategy and running of the organisation.



Time Commitment


  • The Board meets once per month, usually on the third Sunday of the month. The meeting is held in Central London and lasts two hours. Remote attendance via Skype may be possible.

  • The AGM is held in Central London, currently in March, and lasts a minimum of three hours.

  • In addition, there are other events during the year that all Board Members are encouraged to attend. These include International Domestic Workers Day celebrations and other fundraising events.

  • Other ad-hoc responsive activities may need to be discussed via email with other Trustees and staff.

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