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We collect unwanted tools, refurbish and sort them into tool kits and send them across the world, creatin... Read more

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A Christian charity sending tools across the world...

We believe that God's heart reaches out to the poor and that He calls us to follow His example.  Our motivation is to be a refuge for the poor, a safe place to find support, hope and dignity.

We want to support local people supporting their own communities through livelihood creating projects.  We believe there is dignity through work and the ability for individuals, families and entire communities to be transformed through training and the provision of tool kits and equipment.

Our mission is to collect unwanted tools, refurbish them, sort them into trade kits and send them across the world for livelihood creation. We send around 20 containers filled with over 300 tonnes of tools every year.

TWAM is seeking a new Chair at an important and exciting stage in its development. It has developed substantially over the last few years and now needs to build on the objectives it has set itself. Accordingly, the Chair will be expected to work closely with the Chief Executive and to lead the Board as it seeks to address a range of key issues within the next year to eighteen months, including:

  1. Creation of a medium to long term strategic plan, backed with realistic and attainable financial assumptions, now that greater efficiency has been brought to the day to day activities and a set of policies and procedures created;
  2. Mechanisms to ensure that the Board is in a position to advise on and give approval to both new developments and existing policies and procedures which need to come to the Board for regular review;
  3. Engagement in succession planning, as part of an overall risk management process, to ensure that as members of the Board retire suitable replacements are identified.

There is a General Occupational Requirement that the holder of this role is a practising Christian.

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