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Job Description

We're looking for advisers and mentors to join our charity aimed at disadvantaged young people. These are flexible roles ideal for students and those in full time work, and are valuable opportunities to join a network of young professionals at prestigious universities around the UK!

About us

The Young People’s Development Foundation began as a way for university students to offer insightful and real advice to disadvantaged secondary school students. We noticed a disconnect between higher and secondary education institutions and wanted to offer an insight into the realities of university, work experience and life after education. As recent students from a diverse range of backgrounds, we can take an objective view of how our educational experiences couldve been enriched, and implement these methods in our workshops and by engaging with students directly. Our goal is to constantly improve educational outcomes by drawing on our experiences. 


Our advisers attend in-class workshops and advise students face-to-face. Their main duties include:

  • planning workshops with a group
  • answering queries from students 
  • being a proactive member of the team
  • there are also opportunities to plan and execute your own workshops. 


Mentors are matched with their mentees based on their subject of expertise and the student’s interests. They provide their mentee with university consultations, opportunities for career development and review of applications. Mentors consult with their mentees online exclusively, and also contribute to monthly career newsletters. 

The application process does not require a CV and cover letter. Instead, we request you fill out a short form on our website (this takes no more than 5 minutes) and someone will contact you shortly to discuss your application.

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