Advanced Mental Health First Aid Course

Mental Health, Human Resources

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Our Advanced Mental Health First Aid course is designed for individuals who want to raise their professional understanding of mental health first aid and learn techniques common to coaching and counselling approaches. Whether you are in a public facing role, supporting clients or personally interested in mental health, this course will equip you to better support people experiencing mental health challenges. It is also ideal for anyone interested in promoting mental health awareness in their organisations or communities.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Increase knowledge of mental health first aid guidelines and advocacy strategies to better assist individuals
  • Advance your career opportunities in various fields through two nationally recognised qualifications: Level 2 in Mental Health First Aid and Level 2 in Helping Skills
  • Understand risk factors that may impact mental health and recognise signs of distress
  • Build skills to compassionately support those experiencing mental health challenges within scope of practice - from identifying symptoms to referral
  • Foster more inclusive attitudes, empathy and respect in communications about mental health
  • Understand how to create mentally healthy environments for individuals in a variety of settings

This free course is only eligible for people living in London and being 19+.

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What you will learn



  • Become equipped to help: Acquire a robust toolkit encompassing both mental health first aid and effective helping skills. From active listening to intervention, you will gain the expertise needed to assist individuals in various mental health situations
  • Qualifications: Upon completion, receive two nationally accredited certifications in Mental Health First Aid and Helping Skills, showcasing your commitment to mental well-being. This credential can enhance your professional profile and contribute to building a more compassionate society
  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Hone your communication skills to foster a supportive environment. Learn to engage in open, non-judgmental conversations, promoting understanding and empathy in your personal and professional relationships
  • Develop practical helping skills: Move conversations to action by learning empathetic questioning, reflective listening, constructive advice-giving and more
  • Positive Impact: By participating in this advanced course, you are not just acquiring skills; you are becoming a catalyst for positive change. Your ability to provide mental health support can make a significant impact on individuals, families, and communities