Assigning photography for visual content and charity campaigns

Communications, PR, International Development

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Panos’ industry workshops are aimed at communications, digital and media professionals wanting to
explore the methods, opportunities and challenges of working with photography and film in a
professional environment.

This workshop will focus on practical guidance for photography assignment for content and
campaigns. We will look at using professional photographers and agencies to achieve an effective
visual approach through critical and collaborative briefing, and scheduling for creative results.

With 30 years experience of working on assignment for NGOs and charities, and of initiating
umbrella campaigns, Panos’ workshops aim to share our experience with other professionals
working in the field of social justice. The workshop aims to offer commissioners new insights into
the assigning process, to equip them with the information needed to achieve better working
relationships on assignment, and facilitate better results.

To book please go to:

Or email [email protected]

What you will learn

We will explore the conception and production of a photographic assignment through looking at:

  • using professional photographers and agencies
  • visual approaches for different realities on the ground
  • choosing the right photographer
  • briefing clearly and collaboratively
  • effective allocation of assigned time
  • communication with photographer and agency; before during and after assignment
  • use and opportunities of social media on assignment for early distribution
  • processes and paperwork involved in commissioning
  • safety and security
  • consent

Through examples of different campaigns we have been involved in we will look at opportunities for:



  • press
  • exhibitions
  • publications
  • visual approaches online


to meet campaign aims and objectives.

What you require

You do not need to bring anything but having an upcoming campaign or assigment in mind maybe



The Photographers' Gallery, Greater London, W1F 7LW

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