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Career Change into Teaching - Free Bespoke Support for Professionals

  • Now Teach gives experienced professionals – including people who may have taken a break from work – a structured route into teaching, particularly in shortage subjects and challenging schools. We will help you navigate the complexities of the teacher training application and school recruitment process, as well as giving you support, guidance and, perhaps most powerfully of all, a network of peers who are all beginning a new career in teaching.
  • Now Teach supports you through your teacher training programme, from school recruitment to qualification after one year and covers your first year as a qualified teacher. After that, you’ll remain part of the Now Teach movement and, we hope, contribute not just to your school but to changing the way education works in the UK.
  • Now Teach places career changers into challenging secondary schools in London, the West Midlands, East Anglia and Hastings. Candidates who would like to teach the shortage subjects of Maths, computer science, languages (French & Spanish), geography and all sciences are particularly sought after.
  • The skills, experience and insights that you have developed through your career will be powerful assets in a role that is both extremely challenging and enormously rewarding. They will help you enhance the learning of young people and enrich the schools in which you work. Teaching will also give you the opportunity to learn a new craft, rediscover your passion for a subject and open a new chapter in your life. Now Teach – it’s never too late to begin a new career.

A quote from Lucy Kellaway, co-founder.

“I co-founded Now Teach because it seemed to me that there was a clear need for a Teach First in reverse. After 32 years as a columnist on the Financial Times, I wanted to retrain as a maths teacher but I couldn’t find any route into the profession that was designed for people at my life stage.”

What you will learn

Changing career is a bold step. We will provide you with an opportunity to visit a school, to spend time in the classroom and to gain some practical experience - because we know that this is the only way for you to find out whether teaching really is for you. The majority of our trainees follow what is known as a school-based training route, through which you will join a school and begin teaching from your first day. Throughout the year you will have training both in and out of school. Every school is different and wherever you are placed you will have to adapt to the school’s culture and management structures. 


Your professional training, which will lead to qualified teacher status (QTS), will be delivered in partnership between your school and an established Initial Teacher Training (ITT) provider. Some training providers also enable some of our participants to pursue the more traditional, university-led Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Now Teach works with schools that share our high standards in training provision. In addition to this formal professional training, you will have a tutor from the training partner who will visit the school and observe you throughout the year and a trained in-school mentor who will support your development and help you settle within your school.



Now Teach provides a series of bespoke training events, drop-ins and coaching opportunities that will help you to refine your teaching skills and style, and overcome any issues that you encounter to make rapid progress towards qualification. You’ll have a Now Teach manager and a  Now Teach buddy from the previous year’s cohort. We make every effort to ensure that new Now Teachers are recruited in groups of two or more so that you will have your own mini-network within the school – peers with whom you can share stories and advice.


Joining the Now Teach programme means joining a highly motivated group of experienced professionals who have all decided to make a major change to their careers. Being part of a community is one of the most powerful elements of the programme. You will find yourself offering and benefitting from advice, support and fellowship as you help each other progress towards becoming teachers.

What you require

If Now Teach sounds like a good fit for you and you want to find out more, please visit our website and register your interest. You must:

  • Have a C grade for maths and English at GCSE/O-Level or equivalents* 
  • Have an undergraduate honours degree
  • Have the right to work in the UK 
  • Agree to undergo a DBS check 
  • Have experience/qualification in the subject you wish to teach. Either:
    • An A level (or equivalent) at grade ‘C’ or above
    • Related degree (50% or more of the subject)
    • Strong career/work experience clearly related to the subject



Various schools and teacher training providers across the region, South East, PO1

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