Certificate in Resilience Coaching

Vocational/Services, Mental Health

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The Certificate in Resilience Coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to know more about resilience. Please note this course is designed to provide the underpinning theory of resilience coaching and doesn’t include any skills development.  The course carries 1 CPD point for each hour of study and can be used as a stepping stone to further training.

How you could use this learning 

You could use this learning with a PAYE job or enhance your skills for a new position.  You might start-up your own business or improve an existing business.  Giving this world of portfolio working, you could have a part-time position as an employee and be self-employed at the same time.

You could use what you learn on this course to: integrate into counselling, weave into a complementary therapy practice, enhance nursing skills, develop a business or leadership coaching practice, move into corporate resilience and wellbeing, improve a long-term-condition management service, develop resilience programmes for health and wellbeing charities, offer resilience coaching to NHS services, work with parents/families, develop a coaching service for young people, to enhance performance coaching, offer services to health clubs and spas or work with community organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.

What you will learn

Coaching Skills

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

Resilient Mindsets

Understanding the Stress Body Link

Behavioural Strategies for Resilience

Mind Body Techniques and Resilience

Lifestyle Interventions

Developing Self esteem

Mindfulness, meaning and resilience,

Embracing Change

Planning Skills

Personal triggers and interventions

Work related triggers and interventions

What you require

An open-mind, willingness to push outside of your comfort zone and around 10-15 hours per study module.  This course has 13 study modules and can be completed in up to a year.