Charity Finance

Finance, Governance

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An introduction to the principles of finance and accountancy within charities.

What you will learn


An introduction to the principles of finance and accountancy within charities.

Topics Covered : Regulators - Management Accounts - Annual Accounts - SORP - Accruals Accounting - Fund Accounting - Designated Funds - Managing Money - Donated Income - Primary Purpose Trading - Capital Growth - Core Costs - Cash Flow - Reserves - Charity Accounting Systems - Salaries - Checks & Controls - Income - Final Accounts - Public Benefit - Audits - Independent Examination - Qualified Reports - Budgets - Management Meetings - Presenting Accounts - Fundraising & Finance - Gift Aid - VAT Benefits - Trading Income

What you require


For staff members, volunteers or trustees of charities who are not finance professionals but wish to understand more about the subject. People who provide advice to charities are also welcome.


Workshops consist of talk, questions and answers. There are no power points, audio visuals, break out sessions, role playing exercises or group activities. Participants are not expected to introduce themselves. Workshops run better if participants are on video but it is not compulsory. Each workshop follows a script. By using scripts more topics can be covered in less time with complete accuracy. Participants are sent a copy of the script by email after the workshop. The trainer may add unscripted remarks during the workshop to liven things up. Workshops do not require prior knowledge. Everything is explained in everyday language. Jargon and acronyms are kept to a minimum.