Consultants for Change Online Programme

Project Management, International Development

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Consultants for Change (C4C) is an innovative professional development programme for those starting out in international development consultancy work or for more experienced consultants. The course aims to deepen your understanding of the processes of consultancy, good practices, as well as the qualities of a good consultant. 

More importantly, it will equip you with a core understanding of how change happens and how to enable organisations and their staff to own and drive this change themselves.  These soft skills can be applied to a whole range of interventions, from fundraising to project evaluation, and ensure that whatever intervention is done, it is done in a way that empowers people and ensures the change is sustained.

The online course is a 55-hour programme delivered over 8 weeks by our top trainers. It is a blend of real time interactive live sessions, and individual and group activities. Sessions are recorded and made available on our e-learning platform, so you can view them at your own convenience if you cannot join live.

What you will learn

Upon completing the programme, participants will:

  • Understand the value, role and contribution of consultancy to civil society and NGO strengthening and improvement.
  • Understand the processes of consultancy, good practices and the qualities of a good consultant.
  • Understand how to engage a client in a process of organisational change and development where the client and their respective stakeholders own and drive the process of change.
  • Have gained the skills for doing their own learning, personal critical reflection and self-development

What you require

Course fee: GBP £825    

Application deadline:   Friday, 3 January 2020. Kindly note that places are limited – apply early to avoid disappointment!