Diploma In Fundraising

Fundraising, Finance


Fundraising is a vital skill for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in the world. Whether you work for a non-profit organisation, a social enterprise, a community group, or a corporate foundation, you need to know how to raise funds effectively and efficiently. That's why we created our Diploma in Fundraising course.

Diploma in Fundraising course is a comprehensive programme that teaches you everything you need to know about fundraising, from the basics to the advanced. 

By enrolling in this course, you'll not only gain knowledge but also earn a recognised qualification that showcases your expertise in fundraising. This qualification can open doors to new career opportunities and give you a competitive edge in the fundraising sector.

Join us in making a difference and advancing your career in fundraising today!

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Fundraising
  • Hiring and Training Development Staff
  • Understanding the Fundraising Cycle
  • Establishing Governance Practices
  • Budgeting, Tax Management, and Accounting in Fundraising
  • Exploration of Fundraising Sources
  • Planning and Executing Successful Fundraising Events
  • Utilising Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications for Fundraising
  • Tools and Resources for Fundraising Support
  • Crowdfunding Strategies
  • Organisation and Utilisation of Volunteers in Fundraising
  • Risk Management in Fundraising
  • Legal Responsibilities in Fundraising

What you require

  • This course is available to all learners, of all academic backgrounds.
  • Learners should be aged 16 or over to undertake the qualification.
  • Good understanding of English language, numeracy and ICT are required to attend this course.