Getting on Board Membership Scheme

Personal development, Trustees


Helping your staff to become trustees has myriad benefits for your organisation, your staff and society as a whole. The Getting on Board membership scheme helps organisations to build trustee training for their staff into their CSR and HR programmes.

If your organisation regularly accesses our training and services or you want to build access to charity board leadership into your employee benefits package then joining the Getting on Board membership scheme could be right for you.  

Benefits include:

  • A regular programme of events and services to train your staff to become trustees included within the membership fee

  • Additional exclusive member events 

  • Bespoke content and case studies for your own communication channels

  • Timetables, scale of delivery and specifications all customised for you 

  • An annual strategic review and planning meeting with the Getting on Board CEO & Membership Manager 

  • Access to a community of like-minded organisations via our advisory network

What you will learn

Wider gains for you and your staff

Other members have also shared with us that the Getting on Board Membership Scheme brings wider gains including:


  • Help developing your future senior leaders

  • Improved staff retention

  • Happier workforce

  • Greater employee satisfaction 

  • Give back to the community

  • Strengthen brand recognition


“Becoming a trustee helped me with challenges in my professional life - having difficult conversations, managing people, and holding people to account using objective performance measures."