Integrated Diploma in Resilience & Wellness Coaching Skills

Health, Medical, Vocational/Services

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This course is suitable for wellness professionals, wellbeing coaches, complementary therapists, fitness personnel, pregnancy professionals, nutritionists and nurses. It is also suitable for anyone without a healthcare background who wants to go into health, wellbeing and resilience coaching.

The Integrated Diploma is for those who would like to be trained to the equivalent of QCF Level 5 of the Regulated Qualifications Framework e.g. foundation degree and is a substantive qualification for practice.

You could use what you learn on this course to: integrate into counselling, weave into a complementary therapy practice, enhance nursing skills, move into corporate wellbeing, improve a long-term-condition management service, develop wellness programmes for health and wellbeing charities, specialise in wellness programmes e.g. pregnancy or positive aging, offer wellness coaching to NHS services, enhance fitness e.g personal training or weight management, work with parents/families, offer services to health clubs and spas, work with community organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of the community, develop a coaching service for young people or to enhance performance coaching.

What you will learn

Specifically, you will :

  • Develop, under supervision, a range of resilience and wellness coaching skills.
  • Explore:
    • differences between coaching, counselling and mentoring
    • how people learn
    • coaching models
    • definition of integrated healthcare
    • areas of life which contribute to health and wellness
    • applications for wellness coaching
    • resilient mindsets
    • mind-body connection
    • coaching skills
    • facilitating coaching sessions 
    • coaching management:  supervision, record keeping, confidentiality, insurance, data protection
    • cognitive behavioural coaching
    • behavioural strategies for resilience
    • mind-body techniques and resilience
    • lifestyle interventions and resilience
    • embracing change
    • planning skills
    • personal triggers and interventions
    • work-related triggers and interventions
    • ways to deliver coaching
    • motivational coaching
    • solution-focused coaching
    • improving client self-esteem
    • mindfulness, meaning, and wellness
    • additional skills for wellness and resilience coaching

What you require

A background in a qualified wellbeing role (complementary, NHS, medical, etc).  A CV will be asked for on application.