Mastering Complex Applications

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Going beyond the basics to meet the demands of the sophisticated funders.

How do you interpret and respond to a funding application with 34 pages of guidance notes? This session will equip you to rise to this challenge.

We’ll look at two very different funders and show how there is an underlying consistency across their different application forms. We’ll make sure that you fully understand terms such as: ‘the enabling environment’ and the difference between ‘intervention logic’ and ‘intervention strategy’.

As a ‘takeaway’, you’ll have a template for a concept note that will help you to describe all of your projects in a way that can be easily adapted for virtually every funder.

Presenters:Bill Bruty and Anna Ferron Brooker

What you will learn

  • Ability to interpret the underlying logic beneath contrasting application forms.

  • Understanding of the definitions of the complex proposal terminology.

  • Ability to develop your own portable concept note template.

Live Online Workshop Times and Dates:

11.00-12.30 14th September 2022

What you require

A curious mind.