Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Mental Health, Management

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How do we look after our staff in these challenging times, whilst also looking after ourselves?

'Same storm, different boats'

This half-day course will explore the importance of looking after our own mental wellbeing as a starting point for supporting our staff. We will also explore how you might effectively respond to someone experiencing distress or mental health difficulties. You will gain an understanding of common mental health challenges, and explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us to adapt to manage our teams in an effective and compassionate way. 

What you will learn

  • Appreciate the importance of your own wellbeing in being an effective manager of people
  • Develop your understanding of common mental health difficulties
  • Explore some tools to help you support team members with their mental health
  • Understand when further help might be needed
  • Build your skills and confidence to respond positively to the individuality and issues of diversity within mental health
  • Consider the impact of lockdown and how to adapt the support offered
  • Access some new resources

What you require

This course is delivered online via Zoom. Participants will therefore need access to the internet and a Zoom account.