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Management International University: Africa's first on line , tuition free, fully accredited University

We are pleased to inform you about  MIU’s 2019 courses thanks to our new partnerships with independent online training service providers.  These courses we believe will equip individuals with the relevant business and life skills to make tangible contributions to their communities. Every programme is underpinned by practical and business-driven research, which ensures that we are providing job-oriented courses. Courses are also designed to be flexible, therefore students should be able to study part-time.

What you will learn

Interested in:
--> Business English
--> Integrity, Ethics, Morality
--> Management
--> Innovation
--> Entrepreneurship
--> Leadership
--> Sales
--> Public Speaking

MIU Tutors and Areas of Expertise

Our tutors will provide additional help to all students. They will be assigned to courses depending on their area of expertise and will help students overcome obstacles through online contact.

What you require

We are looking to attract aspiring individuals who wish to make a difference in their local communities in Africa. We are looking to empower people of all ages with access to accredited online university courses FREE of charge.

All course have different variation however, we ask our students to compete the courses in reasonable amount of time to receive MIU certificate. For instance in a 3 month period, one course can be completed successfully.

If you do have any queries or require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Facebook: @managementinternational


If you are interested please contact us with your name, and a little bit about yourself (please include educational background)! We look forward to hearing from you!