Online Participatory Video Course for Design Thinking

Project Management, International Development

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About us

As leading practitioners in the field of Participatory Video, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering transformational projects with some of the world’s most marginalised communities. We have directly facilitated hundreds of projects in over sixty countries, working with diverse peoples to address a wide variety of issues. Founded in 1999, our organisation is committed to improving and shaping the use of Participatory Video in all its forms, and building a grassroots movement of practice to sustain its role as a powerful community engagement tool. We have trained hundreds of facilitators, founded numerous community video ‘hubs’ and produced free resources on a range of approaches.

About our Course

InsightShare's live online course can help you get started with Participatory Video and Most Significant Change. Our skilled trainers will guide you through the PVMSC process for you to learn how to assess when PVMSC is appropriate as well as to design a PVMSC process as part of a wider M&E strategy. The course also includes advice on how to make the most of a process that can simultaneously be an M&E activity, a programmatic intervention and an advocacy exercise.


Next Online Live Session will be for 1h30 hours on the:

18th, 23rd, 25th February and 2nd, 4th March 2021 from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm UK time (GMT).

Who is it for?

Our online training and coaching services aim to support organisations and individuals who work in the fields of monitoring, evaluation, learning and impact evaluation, in particular people responsible for the design, management and delivery of these processes who:

  • Need help incorporating PVMSC into the monitoring or evaluation strategy of a project
  • Want feedback or advice on their PVMSC plans
  • Require guidance and support on PVMSC whilst in the field
  • Want to go deeper into the methods and skills behind the PVMSC process
  • Currently use participatory video as a community development tool and wish to further broaden the scope by incorporating PVMSC for monitoring and evaluation **
    What you will learn** **

  • How and when to use Participatory Video and Most Significant Change

  • The role of the facilitator in the PVMSC process

  • Different case studies will help you uncover key areas of the method and its added value

  • The most common ethical challenges to consider when carrying out PVMSC
  • Guidance on key project management topics, such as equipment purchasing, participant selection, consent, intellectual property and video dissemination
  • In the 5th session you will receive at least 30 minutes of group coaching for your project or ideas, or specific circumstances from our experienced trainers

Fee information

Course Price: £500

£500 includes 5 live online sessions: 4 x 1h30 sessions on PV MSC with self-study assignments in between sessions. 1 session of group coaching. Personalised resources will also be provided for the training.

Special Offers

  • Book with a friend or colleague and receive a 15% discount off both bookings.
  • Online course + 2 coaching sessions : £700 Book your online course as part of a package with 2 additional personalised one-on-one 1h30 coaching sessions to suit your needs; eg. help you as you start your project or give you live support as you implement the work in the field!