Play Therapy

Mental Health, Health, Medical

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Enter the therapeutic world of play therapy, where every toy and game holds the potential to unlock a child's deepest feelings and thoughts. This course provides foundational knowledge and skills essential for professionals who aspire to support children's emotional and psychological wellbeing through structured play. By engaging with this training, participants will learn how to create safe, empathetic environments that encourage children to express themselves and develop coping mechanisms in a nurturing setting.

What you will learn

  • Understand the principles and theories underpinning play therapy.
  • Develop skills to set up and manage a therapeutic play environment.
  • Learn techniques to observe and interpret children’s play behaviors.
  • Acquire methods for engaging effectively with children through therapeutic play.
  • Gain knowledge on ethical practices and maintaining professional boundaries in play therapy.

What you require

  • A genuine interest in child development and psychology.
  • Basic understanding of therapeutic or counselling principles.
  • Desire to support and facilitate children’s emotional growth through play.