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Do you fundraise for an organisation that uses arts and culture, or in the arts and cultural sector? Are you done with feeling overwhelmed?

Strengthening the Core is for fundraisers (including accidental fundraisers!) in arts & culture organisations, or that use the arts in their work, who would like to build their collective and personal resilience. The programme uses a unique blend of discussion and movement to build on existing self-care, communication and resilience skills, giving people greater resources to respond to the unique challenges of their work.

We are delighted to be running this programme in partnership with facilitator Milla Gregor, founder of Movement for Change. Milla has been working in the UK voluntary sector for the past 18 years and has volunteered and been involved in activism since childhood. As well as running Movement for Change, she currently provides evaluation and research support to charities. You can find out more about her story and how Movement for Change came about on her website.

Want to find out more about the programme?

Join Milla for a taster session on Monday 9th May from 4.30pm to 5.15pm. 

Secure your place on the taster here:

What you will learn

Over eight weeks, the programme enables enquiry into the sources of exhaustion and overwhelm, and ways to address the individual and systemic contributors to feelings of burnout. You will gain practical experience of the resilience-building tools of yoga and self-care, alongside people in a similar role and with shared experiences, from a range of different organisations.

What will I gain?

  • More experience of embodied movement and yoga
  • More self-care tools, including a plan for a sustainable personal practice
  • More embodied tools for working with challenging emotions and situations
  • Shared ideas for building a more resilience-enabling culture (self-care + other-care)
  • More resources for taking your learning further

Want to find out more?

Join Milla for a taster session on Monday 9th May from 4.30pm to 5.15pm. 

Secure your place on the taster here.

What you require

The programme will be delivered over eight consecutive weeks, with each session lasting for 2.25 hours. Sessions will from 4.15pm - 6.30pm and be delivered over Zoom. The course is fully accessible for different bodies and body-types, and requires no prior experience of yoga. 

Each 2.25 hour session is divided between embodied yoga and group discussion. There’s a short break in the middle as well as options throughout to switch activities and to have screenbreaks. The workshop section will include small group discussions as well as opportunities to journal, draw and reflect individually.

Each week covers a different theme, with themes weaving together over the course of the programme. Materials are drawn from teachings on yoga, meditation, non-violence and self-care, as well as the lived experience of the group, the facilitator and others involved in social change, or service. Themes include: 

  • Your work and your values
  • Sources of exhaustion and flourishing in the workplace, and how to make your workplace more nourishing 
  • Communication and deep listening
  • Working constructively with anger and conflict
  • Setting boundaries and delivering a high-quality no
  • Finding resources through deep looking 
  • Collective problem-solving