Supporting Children and Young People affected by Domestic Abuse

Advocacy, Training

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“It makes me feel better that other people understand my experience.”

There are many ways in which children and young people can be impacted by domestic abuse; being able to talk to someone can help them to feel safe, supported and reduce risks to their safety and wellbeing. If someone needed to talk to you about what was going on at home, would you know how to respond?

“It has given me a safe space to talk, to open up, a place to feel supported, I feel less alone”

Our training will help you develop your understanding of how children and young people are impacted by domestic abuse, how to talk to them about what's going on, and how to help them to access relevant support services.

Developed and delivered by experienced trainers who work on the frontline, supporting survivors from crisis to recovery, our training is for anyone who comes into contact with children and young people who might be affected by domestic abuse to help you build your understanding, knowledge and skills to respond and offer support.

You will learn:

  • What domestic abuse looks like in the context of children and young people
  • How children and young people can be impacted by domestic abuse
  • How to talk to children and young people about what their experience
  • How to signpost children to relevant services

What our participant's have said:

"The practical knowledge and working experience of the facilitators was particularly beneficial"
"I really enjoyed this very interactive training and found it informative and engaging"
"Very interesting and relevant to my work"