The Basics of Income Generation

Marketing, Fundraising

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Bringing resources in to support the delivery of your services is a crucial set of skills. You will need to be thinking about them right from the beginning, even before your first project has ended. "Income generation" is more than just fundraising - there are a multitude of opportunities you can access.

What you will learn

This course will show you the basics. Specifically it will cover:

  • What is income generation and how is it different from fundraising? 
  • Identifying your strengths (and weaknesses) for effective income generation 
  • Types of income streams  – pros and cons of each 
  • Making an income generation plan – cost/benefit analysis 
  • Researching suitable funders 
  • Models and tools 

This course is suitable for everyone, no prior knowledge is required.

What you require

You can access this course whenever you want on DCA's online training Academy. It is pre-recorded and you can watch the video when you like. You can also listen to the audio version and refer to the slides.