Theory of Change for Planning and Impact Assessment

Project Management, International Development

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This course introduces the elements of Theory of Change and offers the opportunity for participants to apply and experiment with its key ideas and processes using their own case studies as well as illustrative case studies presented by the course facilitator.

Conceptually clear and very practical, this course will equip staff with the knowledge and skills to consider which elements of Theory of Change they can apply in their own organisational setting and how best to go about it. Hands on exercises will support participants to implement their learning during the course.

What you will learn

By the end of the training participants will:

  • Be able to describe what Theories of Change involve and the rationale for using them.
  • Be able to identify how and when they should be developed and how they inform and complement other approaches to planning, evaluation and impact assessment.
  • Have increased confidence in working through the steps and processes involved in developing and using Theories of Change, both for planning and impact assessment.
  • Have worked through pre-selected case studies and reflected on their own work in order to explore and apply elements of Theories of Change to specific planning or impact assessment tasks.
  • Considered how and when to apply learning from impact monitoring and assessment to reviewing Theories of Change, reporting to donors and to beneficiaries.
  • Have explored ways to facilitate and promote Theory of Change approaches within their own organisation.



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