What is good governance?

Governance, Management

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If you are considering being a charity Trustee, or have just taken on that role, this is the course for you. This is an introduction to the role and responsibilities of Trustees. It looks into what "good" governance looks like, using two quality standards:

- The Essential Trustee booklet from the Charity Commission and;

-  The Charity Governance Code

Using these, this course looks at the skills, knowledge and ethical framework expected of Trustees. It is suitable for anyone interested in Trustee-ing.

What you will learn

Specifically it covers:

  • How is good governance defined?

  • The Charity Governance Code

  • The Essential Trustee

  • Principles of the Charity Governance Code

  • Managing it all

  • The Trustee Year

  • Creating a well-skilled Trustee Board

This will build your understanding of the underlying principles of good governanace as well as being a practical guide to what is expected - and how to be the best Trustee you can be.

What you require

An interest in the role of Trustee of a charity (registered or not).