About Cure Parkinson's

Cure Parkinson’s (CP) was set up in 2005 by four people living with the condition. It has one bold aim – to cure Parkinson’s. CP funds innovative projects and inspirational scientists with the aim of building momentum towards a cure. We bring scientists together to improve communication and promote collaboration. We adopt a direct and ‘no nonsense’ approach to making an impact in the research arena. As our policies are shaped by people living with Parkinson’s, there is a refreshing passion, urgency and pride in everything we do.

What makes us different?
• We are focused exclusively on curing Parkinson’s
• We only invest in research projects that have the potential to move us closer to a cure
• We are working with people with Parkinson’s across the world so that the impact of treatments for Parkinson’s can be better measured and prioritised
• We have the skills, the ideas and the passion to create both UK and worldwide partnerships in our quest to cure Parkinson’s

“CP excels in identifying research needed in Parkinson’s and has a flexible approach to grant awards that avoids the delays and bureaucracy that impede progress. They have a refreshing approach in the search for a cure.”
Professor Peter Jenner, Neuroscientist

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