About Abbey Community Centre

Abbey Community Centre is a multiple award-winning small community charity located in Kilburn, North West London, helping local people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and circumstances to come together and improve their health and wellbeing.

Established in 1976, the centre provides a warm, welcoming venue alongside numerous social groups, community activities and projects, services, special events, and volunteer opportunities.

The centre is enjoyed by and helps a wide variety of local residents. However, much of its work is focussed on those affected by multiple disadvantage, particularly local low-income families with young children, and older and elderly people at high risk of suffering social isolation and loneliness.

Through the centre residents develop friendships, strengthen connections, enjoy socialising, pursue and expand their interests and hobbies; increase their confidence, skills and opportunities; improve their health, fitness and wellbeing; and receive support, information and advice.

Local people greatly value the centre, and most of the centre’s volunteers live locally, helping to make where they live an even better place.

Abbey Community Centre is a fun, rewarding place to work, especially if you are friendly, thrive on variety, enjoy helping people, have a strong sense of purpose, and want to make a difference.

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