About Accessible Arts & Media

Accessible Arts & Media is a small charity, based in York. We’ve been delivering inclusive creative learning and wellbeing projects in and around York since 1982. 

Our work’s built around the belief that everyone can learn, everyone can be creative, and everyone can play a part in their local community. They just need the right support, and that’s where we come in. We’ve got a vision for a more inclusive society, where everyone gets the chance to shine, and we’re helping to make that happen in York. 

Our projects include specialist creative sensory activities for people with complex disabilities, dementia and mental ill health; training programmes where learning-disabled adults and young people learn how to be workshop leaders; singing and signing choirs; accessible music-making groups; and creative media programmes that help people tell their stories. 

The people who take part in our sessions often face difficulty with everyday activities and can end up feeling isolated and cut off. Taking part in our projects helps them: 

  • explore and connect with the world around them, in a safe, supportive, fun environment;  

  • learn new skills that they can transfer to other parts of their lives, including education, training and employment;  

  • connect with other people, making new friends along the way;  

  • grow the confidence to have more of a say in the things that matter to them;  

  • build emotional resilience; 

  • contribute to their local community through workshops, performances and film commissions;  

  • feel happy, connected, confident and valued, all of which can have a profound impact on wellbeing.​  

We use a person-centred approach and a co-production model. All our activities are tailored to the individual, supporting everyone to take part in the way that suits them best. We level the playing field by providing everyone with the support and space they need to have an equal say.

We’re not a campaigning organisation but we’ve brought inclusion and diversity to the forefront in York for more than 30 years. We’re experts in creating a caring environment where everyone’s supported to take part in the way that suits them best. It’s a space where you can be yourself. And it’s a space where people develop the confidence to realise that they have a voice. 

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