ACORN’s task is to organise the unorganised for power. In the pursuit of this we will:  

  • Organise and mobilise to secure the essentials of a dignified and comfortable life by strengthening our communities and building networks of the working class.
  • Practice democracy as an organising principle. Led by our members, we will take control of our lives and our communities. We insist on the right to identify the problems facing us and to decide on our own solutions. 
  • Combine and coordinate our activities across and outside our organisation, building social movements to best pursue our mission.
  • Provide education for our membership and wider constituency to increase our capacity, strengthen our solidarity, and build the power we need to win.
  • Collectively fund and resource our work through membership dues to maximise our independence, sustainability and fighting potential.
  • Use direct action to develop our power and take back what is ours.


ACORN’s Vision Statement: To build the one big community union and bring ACORN to every working class neighbourhood in every city, town and village in order to transform society in the interests of all.

You can read more about ACORN and what we stand for on our National Platform, which can be found on our website.

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