About Ada, National College for Digital Skills

We develop the mindsets, skillsets and character to be digital pioneers.

Ada, the National College for Digital Skills, offers a career-catapulting education that, as a state-funded College, is free to attend. If you’re excited about entering the games design industry, creating apps that change lives or building technologies that help grow industries, then Ada is the perfect institution for you.

We believe all our students and staff should exhibit the following five values.


Learning is about more than facts and figures.  It's about discovering how things work. It's about different people, cultures and environments and a strong appreciation for the new.


Quality comes from the discipline of hard logic, honest challenge, thorough analysis and precise execution and communication.


Ambiguity and uncertainty are our friends. That's why we make the space to imagine, to connect the unconnected, and to be inspired to create the new, and to solve the unsolved.


Individually we can be great but together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We show people how to get the best out of each other, how to motivate each other, how to co-create and how to come together to solve the challenges and create the new.


Adversity and change are inevitable factors we face in life. We build the adaptable and flexible mindset to ensure you are armoured to face the future with confidence.

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