About Advocacy Focus

When being heard is a struggle, we’re on your side…

We can help you to be heard if you have a health or social care problem.

We’re there to stand up for you and your rights.

We are a free, local service.

We work with you and for you, and it is completely confidential.

If you feel like nobody is hearing you, we can help: We’ll listen to you. We’ll help you get the right information and resources so you can make choices. We will help you to understand your rights and stand up for them. We’ll help you speak out so your voice is heard. We’ll use plain English and take the mystery out of jargon so you understand what professionals are saying to you. We’ll help build your skills and confidence so that ultimately you can be your own advocate without any help. We are a free, local support service, available across Lancashire, Blackpool and Lancaster. Our team of experts are ready to be by your side, on your side.

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