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Africa Health Organisation (AHO)

Africa Health Organisation (AHO) is an international health agency for Africa and the Diaspora. Its main purpose is to provide health and social care to people in Africa including those who cannot afford the cost. Our mission is to lead strategic collaborative efforts among countries in Africa and other partners to promote equity in health, to combat disease, and to improve the quality of, and lengthen, the lives of the peoples of Africa. Our vision is delivering high quality sustainable health service and be the major catalyst for ensuring that all the peoples of Africa enjoy optimal health.

Our primary role is to direct and coordinate international health in Africa. These are our main areas of work:

  • Modernising and developing health systems in Africa
  • Promoting health through the life-course
  • Combating communicable diseases
  • Tackling non communicable diseases
  • Addressing determinants of health
  • Delivering health services
  • Leading disaster preparedness, surveillance and response
Baby immunisation Children in malaria ward in Uganda Woman receiving antiretroviral therapy in hospital Woman with HIV AIDS in a ward in Kenya

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