About Age Concern Colchester & North East Essex

Our Vision

Age Concern Colchester & North East Essex supports and empowers people to live better in later life.

Our Core Services

The core services that we currently provide and that will be positively impacted by the project are: -

  • We find lonely people and connect them with a befriender (Befriending in the Home)
  • We work with them to understand their barriers and remove them (Advice Service)
  • We reconnect people with peers / interests (Friendship Groups) with a focus of: -
    • Health in Mind
    • Health in Body
    • Emotional Support & Financial Stability
    • Information & Education

Our Values

• To be held in great trust in whatever we do

• To operate with compassion

• To bring together community

• To strive for excellence across the organisation

Our Operation

We cover Colchester, Witham and North East Essex and we have a strong track record of delivering the core services above. We strive to alleviate poverty, combat loneliness and social isolation. The team does this with great care and compassion for the community that we serve.

We work closely in partnership with multiple groups including the local Community Voluntary Service in Tendring, through the Health and Wellbeing Alliance Workstreams in End of Life and Dementia, The Older People’s Forums in Colchester and Tendring, the Dementia Action Alliances and the CVS Forums.

We regularly receive calls directly and through referral for people in need across the region. There are areas of isolation in rural villages and a demographic of the elderly. We are looking for support from the foundation to help with our core costs specifically in salaries within the team.

We have recently completed social impact calculations which show we return £8.55 in the £1 invested in the charity and a feasibility study that shows extending our approach in Colchester is much needed across all elements of Witham and North East Essex.

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