About Alexander Devine Children's Hospice

Our Vision:

A much needed children's hospice for the very special children of Berkshire and surrounding counties.

A service that will give children and their families a choice of care and support from dedicated staff.

A place of safety and security in a calm and loving environment, where no judgements would ever be made.

A place where life is for living, for however long or short that maybe and respected in its frailest form.

A place quite simply 'to be', where people really do understand.

Our Core Values:

And resolute in our service to all those that need us.

To enable whoever comes into contact with us, the power and courage to make decisions, ask questions or simply to be..

Valuing others
We value you and each other, because we are all unique and special in our own way.

To be consistent in our ethos and values, principles and actions. To always behave and hold the integrity of our charity as core.

To provide an environment of protection, support, growth and encouragement.

To know that we will provide a place of safety for everyone to express their feelings, thoughts and emotions, without judgement.

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