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All Stars London is a grassroots community organisation, using a performance-based approach to transform the lives of young people. We believe that all growth begins with performance: every time you do something new or unfamiliar, you are performing a new role. We work with young people from London's poorest boroughs, encouraging them to perform their way to new possibilities they never imagined possible. Those performances may take place onstage, in the world of work, or out in the community.

Each year, Young Leaders aged 14-19 from London's poorest communities join us for a cycle of free, enriching programmes. After performance-based training to build their confidence and teamwork skills, they participate in Bridge-Building experiences, meeting and learning from professionals in a range of fields including finance, media, medicine and the arts. The Young Leaders learn to enter new spaces and to engage with adults in a professional manner. Since last year, we've also partnered with corporate firms to provide them with individual career mentoring.

Over the course of the cycle, the Young Leaders work as producers, organisers and hosts of a community Talent Show presenting the talents and visions of other young people from their communities to supportive audiences. They lead ensemble-buildoing workshops that bring new groups together and they promote the shows through community organising in the streets and online.

Our work grows from the grassroots, helping young people take on new roles that they never thought possible.

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