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Amal works with many partners to enable creative endeavours that increase understanding of Britain’s Muslim communities among others and foster a stronger sense of belonging in the UK among our Muslim communities.

We believe that engagement in arts and cultural activity broadens horizons and forges common ground within and between communities. Amal means “hope” in Arabic.  We offer a radical kind of hope that the UK, despite the divisions of recent times, can build ever more harmonious relations between its communities. 

Our vision is of a Britain in which Muslims are fully and fairly represented, equally valued, and celebrated for their rich and diverse contribution to British life.  In our work, we are guided by the values of compassion, conviviality and social justice. 

Our objectives matter because a multicultural society like the UK’s can’t be a just, harmonious and successful one without empathy between its multiple communities. Muslims represent a significant proportion of the British population.  Many of them face socio-economic disadvantage.  Pervasive, negative and monolithic stereotyping of them builds barriers, barriers to the understanding of Muslims, to their sense of belonging, to their full inclusion in society. We are proud to enable diverse Muslim voices to be heard and encounters within and across communities to take place. 

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