About Association for Citizenship Teaching

The Association for Citizenship Teaching is the education charity and membership organisation for all those involved in Citizenship education in schools and colleges.

Our vision is for all young people to be active, informed citizens, equipped through effective Citizenship education with the knowledge, skills and experience to participate in and shape a strong, inclusive and vibrant democracy, based on equality, fairness and justice.

We provide support to schools through professional networking, expert advice, training, CPD conferences and teaching resources via our website and journal, ‘Teaching Citizenship’. We work with those in government and strategic education organisations to provide policy advice and resources to support high quality Citizenship and democracy education in all schools.

ACT is going through an exciting phase of development as we grow our networks of teachers and educators and develop our activities in line with our strategic plan. We have recently been awarded a significant grant to further embed citizenship in schools across the country, work that we will be undertaking in conjunction with Middlesex University and other organisations. 

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