About AVID (Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees)

AVID is a leading immigration detention NGO, working to promote access to detention centres through volunteer visiting, and challenging the injustices of one of the UK's biggest human rights issues through policy and advocacy. 

Based in East London, we are a small national charity punching above its weight, generating real policy change and supporting a membership network of 17 organisations (over 650 volunteers). 

AVID aims to address the isolation and injustice of immigration detention in the UK. We do this by supporting, strengthening, and promoting volunteer visiting nationally, and by working towards positive change for all people in detention. We do this by:

- Working to build a skilled, confident, supported and knowledgeable visitors network (by providing training, information, advice, guidance, tailored support and resources to our membership of grassroots, volunteer visitors groups) 

- Working to challenge the injustices of immigration detention, with a particular focus on ending the detention of vulnerable people (through targeted policy interventions and advocacy work, representing immigration detainees and those who support them to government, parliament, statutory bodies and others) 

- Working to raise awareness of the realities of immigration detention nationally (by providing a credible, authoritative evidence base on the lived experiences of detainees around the UK)

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