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Fun comes first, the rest follows…

At Awesome, children and young people play in their own way and in their own time. They can explore their physical limits, try out something new or just be guided by their imagination. What they get up to is their decision, which is why they have such a sense of ownership about the place and the reason we asked them to name us.

Our adventure playgrounds are free to all six- to thirteen-year-olds living in Islington, and give children from different backgrounds and age groups the opportunity to learn about each other, as well as the world around them. They’re hubs within the borough’s community, exciting learning environments for schools, and places where skills, imaginations and ideas can be nurtured.

Awesome is a not-for-profit organisation, investing all its profit straight back into the services it provides, which in turn support some of the borough’s most vulnerable families. We have an outstanding team of playworkers who carefully supervise sessions and actively address hidden barriers to play, providing opportunities, new experiences and a non-judgemental friendly ear.

We recognise the important role each one of our young adventurers plays in their community and how essential play is to them. Just because play is about having fun doesn’t mean it’s not important. There’s evidence that play is crucial to healthy development, and it’s something we believe all children are entitled to.

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