About Bail for Immigration Detainees

About BID:

BID believes that asylum seekers and migrants in the UK have a right to liberty and access to justice and should not be subjected to immigration detention. BID exists to challenge immigration detention and increase access to justice for immigration detainees facing deportation through the provision of legal advice, information and representation alongside research, policy and advocacy and strategic litigation. BID has been helping people exercise their right to liberty alongside campaigning for the end of Immigration detention for the past 20 years and supported 5,941 people to fight for their freedom last year.

About Immigration detention:

Each year in the UK 27,000 people are locked up indefinitely and without trial for the purpose of immigration control. If this were to happen to a British citizen in another country, there would be righteous anger and condemnation, yet here in the UK it remains hidden and overlooked. Additionally, Immigration detention disproportionately affects the most vulnerable people in our society like people with poor mental or physical health and victims of domestic violence, trafficking, torture and sexual abuse.

This March a parliaments Home Affairs Select Committee condemned the "careless and cavalier" approach of the Home Office and raised serious concerns about a catalogue of failings leading to rising self-harm and suicide in detention centres. “The Home Office has utterly failed in its responsibility to oversee the safe and humane detention of individuals in the UK, that too often it does not follow its own policy and guidance, and that a series of safeguarding and case-working failures have led to people being wrongfully detained, held in immigration when they are vulnerable and unnecessarily detained for too long."


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