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Aims Objectives and Values

Mission Statement
Time for carers to be recognised and fully supported in Bath and North East Somerset


Provide information advice and support that is comprehensive, accurate and appropriate to the needs of individual carers, so that they are aware of the choices and options available to them.

Work with carers individually and collectively to support them in stating their views in relation to the delivery and planning of local services.

Facilitate networking with other local voluntary organisations, statutory and private agencies to ensure there is co-ordinated support for carers

Enable carers to discuss and identify their own health and emotional support needs and to receive practical and emotional support through access to groups, training and personal development opportunities. As well as providing breaks for carers.

Promote and publicise the services and support we offer in order to identify and reach all carers living in B&NES.


The Carers' Centre prides itself on being a fair and supportive workplace. We hold ourselves to the following values and make sure these are reflected in the way we work and the decisions we make.

Honest: We are truthful and sincere in all we do for carers

Fair: We treat everyone we work with equally and with respect

Supportive: We provide encouragement and help to all we work with

Empowering: We make carers stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

Innovative: We seek to find new and creative ways to achieve our mission

Sustainable: We work to ensure we will always be here to support carers, by considering financial, social and environmental concerns in our decision making.

Strategic aims

The Carers’ Centre has defined the following strategic aims for 2014 – 17.

1. Development

a. To create new and innovative ways of identifying and working with carers such as outreach roadshows.

b. Improve practice of professionals in working with carers through training.

2. Support

a. To continue to develop appropriate services that support carers physical and mental
well-being such as breaks.

b. Be recognised as the leading co-ordinator of support services for carers locally.

c. Enable carers to have choice and control over the services they need.

d. Ensuring young carers are protected from inappropriate or harmful caring roles.

3. Involvement

a. Empower carers to have a voice in the planning and delivery of services in B&NES and
the CC.

b. Promote and support carers to be recognised as expert care partners.

c. Lead an on-going, proactive campaign for carers’ rights locally and nationally

4. Sustainable Organisation

a. Diversify our funding base to ensure sustainable growth.

b. Continue to act as a model employer within the charity sector and recruit and support a
thriving volunteer team.

c. To ensure quality standards, policies and procedures are appropriate to meet local and
national standards such as PQASSO.

d. Meet our promises and measure our achievements.

How we work

Operational matters, day to day administration and delivery of services are delegated by the Board of Trustees to a Senior Management Team and staff aided by the support of volunteers. We operate within six staff teams which each team responsible for contributing to an overall business plan.

With our funders and carers we have pledged to deliver the following promises in 2015/16

Information and Advice Team

  • Provide at least 750 carers with advice and support over the telephone
  • Deliver 350 advice plans to carers
  • Ensure we are engaged with at least 3500 local carers
  • Deliver 250 talks, workshops and awareness raising sessions each year to reach at least 7000 individuals.

Carers’ Support Team

  • Deliver 450 assessments
  • Provide 800 carers with support to plan for emergencies
  • Provide intensive support for at least 80 carers with urgent or complex needs

Carers’ Breaks Team

  • Provide at least 500 carers with a break from their caring role through our Give Us A Break programme
  • Support carers who want to return to work, education, training or volunteering
  • Provide a counselling and emotional wellbeing sessions for carers
  • Provide health checks for carers
  • Provide support to carers who want to set up their own support group
  • Provide training for carers to equip them for their caring role

Young Carers’ Service

  • Engage 400 young carers each year
  • Provide a Needs Assessment and Action Plan for new young carers
  • Provide a minimum of 36 different breaks and activities each year
  • Provide a regular Arts Award Club

All three teams are tasked with actively involving carers and providing opportunities for carers to have a voice and help shape local services for carers.

Business Support Team
The Business Support Team provides all of the back office functions for the organisation with the aim of enabling the teams detailed above to deliver their promises in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Senior Management Team
The Senior Management Team ensures the effective delivery of the organisation’s business plan and secure funding to ensure sustainability for the future.

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