About Beacon Counselling

At Beacon, we want to see a society where everyone is able to cope with distress and has the opportunity to enjoy a happy life.Our work builds resilience in communities by delivering real change to adults, young people and children experiencing mental and emotional distress.

We help people in the here and now to improve mental health, deal with distress, and recover from difficult experiences. Our way of working also gives people the tools to deal with challenges in the future, building resilience at the individual level.

The way we help people to make changes is informed by our values, which are:

  • Respectful We are non-judgmental; we listen and understand
  • Inclusive We are accessible and treat people as the individuals they are
  • Friendly We are warm, caring, and supportive
  • Professional We care about the quality of services
  • Can-do We are pro-active, passionate, and find the best way to provide support
  • Self-care We practice what we preach, taking care of each other and ourselves

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