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We make adventure accessible, working together to overcome barriers and transform lives.

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About us

Who we are

The spirit of adventure is incredible. A bona fide superpower that can fill any one of us with conviction and confidence, with new abilities and renewed agency. And it’s universal too – not the exclusive preserve of the advantaged and non-disabled. It’s for everyone, because we’re making sure it is.

At Bendrigg, we have the setting and the scenery, the equipment and the expertise, the people and the passion. Together we have a limitless supply of adventure. With a limitless determination to improve people’s lives.

Because we know that, whatever adventure means to each individual, it has the power to empower. To challenge and inspire, to tear down barriers and build up possibilities, to create real and lasting change. Above all, it has the power to change minds – within those individuals and across our whole society: changing the way people see their world, and changing the way the world sees them.

At Bendrigg we create change, one adventure at a time.

Our culture and values

Our values are at the heart of Bendrigg, shaping who we are and how we operate. They’ve been with us since the start, passed down by each employee. They’re crucial, always leading the way we think and act. 

Bring Compassion:  

Bendrigg is a place built on empathy. By taking the time to listen, being consistently compassionate and valuing each person for who they are, we create a unique haven where kindness is in the air, and adventure is in the offing. At Bendrigg, there is always freedom to have fun, all are welcomed, and all are valued.  

Practice Progress:  

Every day is a chance to make lasting changes, not just for visitors or their families. We constantly look for improvement and find better ways of working. We challenge traditional approaches, offer innovative ideas, and develop our practice. Little by little, we make big changes – becoming a force for progress far beyond our borders. 

Push Past Boundaries:  

Some limits may be real, but we remove the ones that aren’t. We challenge attitude, strip away doubts, and break through personal barriers. Removing those limits is how we will make extraordinary things happen. We instil self-belief that reshapes everyday lives for individuals and brings a new understanding that will reshape our communities.  

Embrace Nature:  

There is no better classroom, there is no better therapy. This place is not just the setting for adventure; the outdoors is part of our purpose and our personality. Stepping outside and connecting with nature spurs our growth and improves our well-being, making an impact that lasts well beyond a visit.

Make It for Everyone: 

Opening doors is what we do; to an outdoors full of exciting and empowering adventures, to new abilities and attitudes, to personal potential waiting to be fulfilled. We open these doors for absolutely everyone, with endless flexibility and steadfast adaptability. At Bendrigg, we are exclusively inclusive, and we always find a way.  

Work As One: 

We value each and every individual, but it’s as a team that we excel. From staff and volunteers to first-time visitors and experienced leaders, we all contribute and muck in. We celebrate all our successes and share all our missteps. We are all each other’s cheerleaders and safety nets, trusted advisors, and personal champions. We are all equals.  

Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

Whilst at Bendrigg, our visitors feel ‘celebrated’ rather than just ‘accommodated’ and we want no different for our staff. We understand that everyone is different and try to be as flexible as possible. We are proud to offer a caring and supportive working environment with a number of benefits. We welcome and encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds, irrespective of gender, disability, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, or criminal records.


Cycle to work scheme

Cycle to work scheme

Enhanced sick leave

Enhanced sick leave

company sick pay starting at 1 month full pay after the first 6-months, and rising incrementally to 6 months full pay after 5 years

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

Remote/hybrid work

Remote/hybrid work

Free tea and coffee

Free tea and coffee

lunch and refreshments are provided for anyone working on-site from our amazing catering team.

Training opportunities

Training opportunities

personal and professional development is actively encouraged and rewarded. Staff are provided with opportunities for external and internal training


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