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Established in 1917, Brighton Youth Centre (BYC) is one of Brighton & Hove’s longest-running and best-used youth services. It’s a thriving hub of activity, providing a central space for the city’s youth work and attracting over 1,500 young people every year. It is a city-wide resource for youth from every ward to access its services. Notably, it effectively engages older teenagers: 57% of our young people are 16+.

As a team, we’re proud of the young people we work with and support, and we’re continually impressed by the contributions they make to their local community through the activities at BYC every day. Projects such as B.fest, Brighton’s biggest youth-led festival, facilities like Brighton’s only indoor skateboard park, and the connections we offer to other services, including mental health, LGBTQI+ and refugee support, make BYC a very special and unique space in the heart of the city.

Supporting Young People & Working in Partnership

BYC is a safe space where all young people have the freedom to be themselves, come together, learn from each other and challenge themselves to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of their community. We place their voices, aspirations and concerns at the heart of everything we do because we believe all children and young people deserve to be taken seriously. We work with over 20 partner organisations and projects who currently use the centre as their base, including specialist services for young people who are care experienced, on the autistic spectrum, LGBTQI+, asylum seekers, experience mental ill health or homelessness, such as Brighton & Hove Pupil Referral Unit, Allsorts Youth Project, YMCA DownsLink and Mascot; and youth arts and creative industries organisations like South East Dance, BlockBuilders, Miss Represented and Art In Mind.

Together, we provide:

1. A platform for young people’s voices

Our work starts from young people’s perspectives, focusing on their needs and agendas. We believe young people are not just adults-in-waiting but individuals in their own rights with hopes, concerns and aspirations which deserve to be taken seriously and provide a safe and supportive environment for them to express themselves and explore ideas they find challenging or exciting.

2. Increased participation and community cohesion

We firmly believe that young people are not just individuals needing education but have plenty to offer as educators themselves. Our building and activities provide a space for young people to come together, emphasising teamwork and collaboration and supporting young people to learn from one another.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion are embedded in our activities. There is a racial, social and cultural mix within the groups, and we take every opportunity to promote learning and understanding of themselves and others, providing an invaluable space for young people to explore and celebrate the rich mix of their different stories, experiences and ideas about the world.

3. Support young people to make a difference in their own lives.

We work with a wide range of young people, including those with disabilities, young carers, young offenders, young parents and homeless young people. We encourage them to take ownership of all centre aspects and engage in the city's life. Young people are closely involved in shaping our programme, and every year, they organise B.fest, Brighton’s youth arts festival.



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