About Calderdale Wellbeing (Healthy Minds)

Healthy Minds (Calderdale Wellbeing) works across the Calderdale area with the aims of:

The preservation, protection and enhancement of good mental health of people in Calderdale, in particular but not exclusively by the provision of support, information, advice and services.

Mental health affects everyone.  The classic statistic that 1 in 4 people will experience mental health problems in any given year (NHS Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey 2007) has gone some way to tackle stigma, in demonstrating prevalence, but it is more helpful to understand mental health as part of our everyday lives.  Life events can create anxiety and joy, sadness and happiness – with everything in-between – and we naturally respond.  Accepting that we live with mental health as a constantly changing companion is an important step in improving our relationship with it, for ourselves and those around us.  Some people need support in managing their emotional wellbeing, yet 76% of people with mental health problems in Calderdale never reach NHS mental health services (Calderdale JSNA); Healthy Minds aims to ensure that everyone has access to support, and to enable everyone who is part of Calderdale’s community to achieve and maintain better mental health.

We do this by helping people develop understanding, knowledge and resources to find what works for them.  We recognise that every person has their own experiences, challenges and strengths; we give them the respect and power to build their own recovery from the range of options Healthy Minds offers.

We aim to respond to existing and emerging needs of Calderdale’s communities, providing what people want.  As Calderdale’s main voluntary sector provider in mental health, we’re engaged with communities and partner organisations locally and regionally, including statutory providers in the NHS and local authority, to play our part in developing and strengthening Calderdale’s mental health system to benefit everyone.

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