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For nearly fifty years, Calibre Audio has brought the joy of audiobooks to anyone struggling to access print, so they can immerse themselves in wonderful stories, memorable biographies or travel the world in their mind.

Founded in 1974 by three North London women, their idea was to create an audiobook library so that the sight-impaired son of one of their friends could enjoy books more easily. They began recording books on audio cassettes, soon having 12 books for 10 members. By the end of the 1970s they had 600 titles. Today Calibre has in excess of 13,000.

Calibre Audio is the only national charity in the UK to provide a completely free for life audiobook service to everyone who has a disability that makes reading print difficult. We exist to connect our members to the books they love; to provide stimulation, companionship, inclusion, learning and escape.

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