About Care & Repair England

Background Care & Repair England is a small national charitable organisation set up in 1986 by Shelter and Hact to tackle the neglected problem of low income older home owners who lived in the worst housing conditions. Its main initial work was to set up independent, voluntary sector, locally run Care & Repair schemes. These helped older people to carry out essential repairs and adaptations to their homes, as well as helping older people obtain the financial & practical support that they may require to live independently. Its work has since broadened to increasingly focus on working alongside older people to influence policy and practice, as well as to pioneer new approaches and service provision, the latter in partnership with local providers.

Our Purpose: Innovate, promote and support practical housing initiatives, and the related policy and practice, which enable older people to live independently in their own homes for as long as they wish, particularly disadvantaged older people living in ordinary, private sector housing.

Intended Outcomes:

  • More older people live in safe, suitable homes that enable independence and control in later life.

  • More older people have decent living conditions in a home of their own choosing.

Our Values:

  • Enabling independence and dignity in older age.

  • Co-production with older people with related lived experience.

  • Focus on whole quality of life.

  • Equality and anti-discriminatory practice in all that we do.

Our Objectives

1:   Work with older people to identify what they need in order to live independently and well in their own homes; promote/ support/ develop solutions.

2:  Raise awareness of the scale/ nature of impact of poor & unsuitable housing on the health and well-being of older people; work with them to influence change in practice and policy.

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