About Carers in Hertfordshire

Carers in Hertfordshire is a well-respected, independent, carer-led charity, established in 1995.  The charity works to ensure that all Hertfordshire’s unpaid family carers are recognised, valued and supported in their caring role and have the opportunity for a life outside caring and can exercise a collective voice in the county.  We support adult carers and young carers and provide information and support.  We also arrange a variety of ways for carers to work closely and collaboratively with professional staff in a wide range of voluntary and statutory organisations to link our services and help those organisations to develop a carer friendly focus.

The charity has experienced significant growth over recent years with 135 staff and over 34,000 registered unpaid family carers. During this expansion the commitment to driving quality improvements has led to an expansion in the nature and extent of services offered as well as national acknowledgement through a GSK Impact Award.

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