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CareTrade passionately believes that all young people with autism should have the opportunity to be part of their community, to have the support they need to access it and the opportunity to contribute to it. Being in employment is probably the biggest single factor that will transform the life of a person with autism and to date this has been the theme of all our projects.

1 in 100 children have an autistic spectrum condition that is over 8,000 school leavers every year: 800 of them live in London. Currently less than 25% go on to further or higher education and only 15% of all adults with autism work and just 4% go on to live independently.

There is evidence that with the right support many, many more of these young people are able and would like to work and to play an active part in their community.  And for those whose autism limits their ability to become fully independent, they too need more choices and opportunities to live full and happy lives.

Our vision is: Everyone with autism can lead a purposeful life.

Our mission is: To create innovative opportunities for people with autism and to change perceptions.

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